Community Engagement by the District Chief Executive at Gomoa Tarkwa & Akropong on Tuesday, 28th June, 2022

The Hon. District Chief Executive (Hon. Bismark Baisie Nkum) in execution of his duty pays visit to communities in the District to familiarize himself with the people and also to discuss some developmental challenges of the various communities and propose a way forward to addressing these challenges. It aims at deepening the concept of decentralization in order to develop and grow the District with the citizenry.

The visit was to engage with the people of Gomoa Tarkwa and Akropong respectively to find out about their developmental challenges and how to address them.

The Odikro of Gomoa Tarkwa Nana Kotwe II, and Nana Koomson of Gomoa Akropong at their respective sittings welcomed the Hon. DCE and his entourage into their communities and thanked the Hon. DCE for making time for them.

The Hon. Assembly Members of the areas, Mustapha Baba Ayuba and Benjamin Arthur, speaking on behalf of their chiefs, tabled the following request for the consideration of the Assembly:

Needs of Gomoa Tarkwa

  1. Poor road network
  2. Need affiliate campus/college at Gomoa Tarkwa
  3. Stalled KVIP project should be completed
  4. Four (4) large volume dust bins for refuse management
  5. Chippings for road patching

Needs of Gomoa Akropong

  1. Lack of community KVIP
  2. Dilapidated primary school KVIP that needed urgent fixing
  3. Extension of power supply and water storage facility to the CHPS Compound
  4. Desks for the school pupils
  5. A big community water storage tank (Polytank)
  6. Poor road network
  7. Gari Processing Machine

The Hon. DCE commended them for undertaking a lot of self- help projects at Tarkwa. He also took note of their request and came out with the following responses:

  • The DCE stated that, maintenance work on roads is highly technical, so he directed that the District Engineer would be around to inspect and offer advice.
  • The Hon. DCE affirmed that there had been deliberations between the Assembly and the University of Winneba Vice Chancellor to construct a campus for students involved in farming techniques and mechanisms since Gomoa Tarkwa is a farming community.
  • The Hon. DCE spoke about the high cost of materials and labour needed to finish the stalled kvip project and how the contractors are asking for a revised budget plan since the contracts were awarded in 2019 and has since recorded a hike in prices of product

At Gomoa Akropong

The Hon. DCE responded by saying that, he wished to visit them often but for time constraints. He also took note of their requests and came out with the following responses:

  • Desks for school pupils: The Hon. DCE has allocated Twenty (20) dual desks for the school asked them to pick them up the following day at the Assembly.
  • Weak school toilet structure: The Hon. DCE indicated that, the District Engineer will be at Akropong to assess the structure and advice management appropriately while pleading with them to assist in the communal labour that will follow his intervention.
  • Electricity extension: The Hon. DCE specified that, he would engage with ECG to get them a new transformer that will serve the CHPS compound and the new developing areas.
  • Poor road network: The Hon. DCE responded by saying that, the Assembly is in process of the working on Sampa- Akropong end of the road. He also indicated that, the Hon. MP will construct Akropong-Achiase road.
  • Gari Processing Machine: The Hon. DCE promised to get the community a Gari Processing Machine.

The District Chief Executive (Hon. Bismark Baisie Nkum) presented 45 and 25 dual desks to  Gomoa Tarkwa and Akropong the next day in fulfillment of his promise to the communities.

The Odikro of both communities affirmed their gratefulness to the Hon. DCE for the honor of his presence at both communities. They were of the view that, all discussions and deliberations that they had undertaken will yield a positive outcome.

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