Phyllis Asante-Krobea (Mrs.) District Director of Education

Ghana Education Service aims at making education more relevant and easily accessible to the socio-economic realities of the school going-age children, so that they will be able to live a productive and meaningful life in order to fit into the society and the global world at large.

The Gomoa West directorate of GES has the following level of schools;

  • 81  Primary School Only 
  • 80  Junior High School Only
  • 72  Basic
  • 82  K.G
  • 4    Senior High Schools
  • 54  Private Schools
  • 1    TVET (Gov)
  • 2    TVET (Private)



The Gomoa West directorate of GES seeks to offer relevant educational service to equip all children of school going age with the required knowledge and skills to enabble them function responsibly and efficiently for enhanced growth and development to Gomoa West District


  • Monitor teaching and learning activities in schools to create a conducive and safe learning environment for all children.
  • Liaise with the Gomoa West District Assembly to provide and maintain school infrastructure.
  • Build a working family in which responsibilities are shared; individuals are encouraged to work hard, appreciated for good effort and motivation to learn and improve.
  • Arrange monthly management and staff meetings of the office and collate report on work plans.
  • Ensure that school supplies received are dispatched promptly to schools.
  • Submit monthly/quarterly reports and financial returns to the District Assembly and Regional Education Directorate.
  • Organize a welfare activities to support and motivate staff to do their maximum best.


  • Ensures adequate supply of teaching and learning materials to all schools.
  • Improve teacher-community relationships.
  • Ensure regular and punctual attendance of teachers and pupils.
  • Enhance specific teaching skills through pre-service and school based in-service training.
  • A taskforce set within supervision to intensify monitoring of teachers.
  • Assess results of BECE to improve upon performance to 100 percent.
  • Motivation- both intrinsic and extrinsic to boost morals of staff.
  • Strengthen TVET, Guidance & Counseling and Girl child education.
  • Improve upon knowledge in the use of information and communicate technology in teaching and learning.


  • Strengthening supervision, monitoring and evaluation of school’s system.
  • Ensuring discipline, transparency in schools in preparation of school performance improvement plans and prudent use of the capitation grant.
  • Periodic appraisal of head teachers to ensure good performance of tasks.
  • Update circuit supervisors with good supervision and monitoring skills to do clinical supervision.
  • Task force will supervise work at various schools.
  • Delegation of authority and at the same time, ensure discipline among staff.
  • Decentralized bodies like the District Education Oversight Committee (DEOC), all stakeholders and District Assembly are partners in development and would be made to play active roles in management of education in the district.