MIS Unit

        Aston Kweku Mensah                      Head, Management         Information Systems

The unit provides leadership in the development and application of IT/IM standards and quality assurance systems in relation to the implementation, development and deployment of IT/IM systems and resources.

It also advises on the provision and maintenance of computers and other office accessories. The unit also contributes to addressing IT/IM problems and issues and provides leadership in the design and implementation of security measures to protect the IT/IM installations, infrastructure and systems.


  • Assists in the collection and collation of data for the design, development and implementation of IT/IM systems;  
  • Undertakes regular in-house IT/IM system maintenance for end users;
  • Assists in the storage and retrieval of data;
  • Appraises direct reports;
  • Assists in conducting research on all IT/IM issues to support the design and administration of IT/IM projects;
  • Provides data to support the development of IT/IM both short long-term operational plans;
  • Performs technical support duties for end-users;
  • Undertakes the installation/implementation, operations, repair/upgrade and routine maintenance of IT/IM equipment, systems and resources;