Marriage Services

There are two (2) types of marriages that the district assembly undertake which are;

  • Registration of customary marriage
  • Assist in registration of ordinance marriage


Form of Register of Customary Marriage

Dissolution of Customary Marriage



  1. Both families need to come together and agree to the marriage that will be done at home.
  2. After the marriage is done at the house, both the husband and the wife will come to the office to provide the following information for the marriage certificate to be issued to them.
  • Name of Husband
  • Age
  • Date and Place of Marriage
  • Husband’s occupation
  • House number
  • Telephone Number
  • Photocopy of a valid ID card

The wife will also provide the same information as the husband and the principal witnesses are the parents of both families.



  1. The couples come to the office to take the authority to file barns of marriage. This is for a duration of 21 days.
  2. The pastor writes to the office that there was no objection after 21 days of publication.
  3. The office issues a certificate authorizing the couple to marry at a specific date and place.
  4. After the marriage, the couple submits a copy of their marriage certificate issued by the church to the office.


Am amount of GHC 50.00 is paid to the office for the registration and issuance of certificate.



  1. The couples with their witnesses will bring their certificates and report their reasons for the divorce of marriage.
  2. The couples will fill out a form at the office titled “Dissolution of Customary Marriage” with the following information;
  • Place of residence of the couples
  • Place of dissolution of marriage
  • Date of dissolution of marriage
  1. The forms will be submitted to the court for the final dissolution of the marriage.