Planning Unit / DPCU Secretariat

              Ken Ketor                         District Planning Officer

The District Planning Unit, which also doubles as the Secretariat of the District Planning Coordinating Unit (DPCU) serves as the technical wing of the District Assembly. The Unit is primarily responsible for performing the designated planning functions of the District Assembly.


  • Facilitate and coordinate the preparation development plans of the District
  • Lead monitoring and evaluation activities of the District
  • Coordinate implementation of development programmes, projects and activities in the District
  • Coordinate and harmonize operations of Departments of the Assembly and other development partners
  • Provide strategic advise to the District Assembly on matters relating development of the Assembly
  • To provide operational support in the implementation of development policies and programmes.
  • Lead in strategic planning, efficient integration and implementation of the public policies and      programmes to achieving sustainable economic growth and development.
  • Ensure that field activities are efficiently performed to produce desired output.